"When an individual genuinely returns home to themselves, they arrive to Love that expresses without conditions or reservations. This is pure unconditional love, a profound experience and shift in Consciousness. In this uncovering, the freedom, peace and fullness as Soul reveals itself effortlessly. Everything else that is false or full of fear based conflicts will fall away. Everything and everyone is on the journey to become enlightened and this happens through many levels and stages. There is no real ending, more like a continuation of expansion." ~ Dipali

Dipali Desai is an internationally known spiritual teacher, facilitator, intuitive, astrologer, energy healer and author. Born in India and then raised in the United States, she has been able to draw out the best from both, Eastern and Western philosophy and blend it into a unified harmonious expression in her life. From an early age, Dipali felt a strong devotion and connection to the non-physical world as well as she was able to easily sense sacred Spiritual Energy, that unifies all of life. Her extra sensory perceptions were naturally open since birth which made her highly sensitive to various energies in everyday life. Even as child, she was compassionate, giving and full of love to all the people and animals she encountered. 

She is modern day woman who has experienced many of life's challenges and difficulties. These direct life experiences were valuable in that she is able to use that base of knowledge to help others now. During a major life transition, she chose to wake up to her true nature. Through a rigorous daily practice of self-inquiry, healing and meditation she began to go within herself, searching for that which she had always desired. This led to a natural shift within Dipali, a profound spiritual transformation and a permanent awakening. She left behind the confusion, pain and suffering, reaching an expansion of love consciousness and a knowingness of her true nature as Soul/ Consciousness. She has once again, found love and freedom through direct experience. Making her life into a living meditation, she arises each day with a happiness for living life.

After this dramatic internal change, Dipali began to notice spontaneous awakenings and healings occurring in those around her. She soon began to discover that there was a very powerful energy flowing through her that could instantly heal, clear Spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological trauma, bring clarity to long standing life challenges and awaken others to their optimal health and well-being as well as their sacred life purpose. This wise, loving, clear and highly intelligent and Ancient Spiritual energy that she is a conduit for, helps lift everyone and everything up on their path of Enlightenment and expansion of Love Consciousness. And it is this sacred energy that works through all of her  work, writing, teaching and speaking.

Being a natural born spiritual medium; she's a conduit between the non-physical world and physical world. Dipali is a channel; an open gateway through which love and Source energy (or higher spiritual energy) to flows through her, transmitted to those requesting assistance, guidance towards realizing their real Essence and higher (Soul) potential. Dipali has a unique style in working with energy which expresses through her gifts. It is with simplicity, elegance and grace she shares the wisdom she receives and helps the observer connect with their own inner wisdom.

The teaching that effortlessly flows through Dipali is Universal in nature, it is transformational and dogma-free. She conveys cutting edge higher knowledge, in a down to earth manner that everyone can understand and use in daily life. She encourages individuals to experience and expand love consciousness. Through this, the individual arrives back to their own heart and truth. 

Meeting Dipali in person, it is evident that she touches people profoundly. The impact of her presence is beyond words. Her soothing loving energy, deep wisdom, inner radiance reaches out to touch the hearts of many. People have often felt deeply peaceful and relaxed in her presence. Her intention, passion and joy is to be of service towards elevating the consciousness of humanity and expanding love. She has already helped many people transform their lives, connect with their potential and sacred life purpose. 

Life offers opportunities to view life from a multidimensional level awareness and to re-establish a conscious relationship with the eternal presence within. An invitation awaits you to remember and awaken to your true nature and to realize that enlightenment is an upward spiral with many stages and steps. It begins with the awakening and is a continual unfolding.

"Let us walk together and explore the magnificence of Life. Let us move with courage with the quick moving River of Life. I'm here to be a clear mirror and an example for you to embrace your own light and allow it to shine forth. If you are drawn to working with me, it will be an honor to share with you, supporting you to in the becoming more of who you are as Soul."   ~ Dipali

Overview of Dipali's Educational Background
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology 
  • Associates Degree in Business Administration 
  • Ordained Minister (interfaith) 
  • Cosmetology & Cometology Teaching Licenses 
  • Transformative Astrology Certification 
  • Soul (Spiritual) Psychology Training 
  • Reiki Master Certification 
  • Shamballa Reiki Master Certification 
  • M.A.P {Medical Assistance Program} Perelandra Nature Research 
  • Light Body Training and Graduate, 
  • Light Body/Ascension Course 
  • Archetypes & Sacred Contracts Seminar 
  • Images of the Heart- Ancient Telepathy of the Human Heart Course 
  • Enlightenment/Spiritual Teaching with Energy Work
  • Indepth Energy Medicine and Healing 
  • Attendance of other workshops and classes.

About Spheres of Essence:

'As you take look in Nature, the beauty, movement and changes can be seen as living art. Constant yet in motion, alive yet transforming. Nature reveals symbols that are spherical in design. Few examples that are commonly seen are: tiny seeds, cells, atoms, star systems, dew drops and many others. Upon closer inspection, a sphere in its true beauty and simplest form and function is an expression of unity, completeness and integrity. All of the points are equal and lead to the center or the Source. The microcosm within, reflects the completeness of the macrocosm outside and so too shall each 'seed' Essence/Soul return to the Source once again.'

Thank you for visiting this website. The intention at Spheres of Essence is to awaken, help individuals to reclaim their empowerment, whether you are on the path of; self-discovery, self-realization or actualizing your highest potential The guidance is infused with practical wisdom to help illuminate, inspire and uplift you. Dipali's teachings, sessions and consultations impose no belief systems and are dogma free. Through this the individual is arrives back to their own heart and truth. You are invited to explore, be inspired and awaken to your real self as Essence, as Soul.

Consultations and Sessions:

How can a consultation or session help you?  

  • Consultations and Sessions with Dipali are personal empowerment sessions. Dipali draws on her innate wisdom, intuitive and healing gifts to create individual sessions that facilitate your personal growth and transformation. Many individuals have received major shifts of Consciousness during their sessions.

  • A One to One session with Dipali will help you respond to life experiences with grace, awareness and refreshingly new perspectives. It can be be an valuable resource to help you in times of  transition, confusion, loss or transformation. A session can prepare by you to connect with your wisdom Self and become conscious, authentic and express your highest potential. Thereby helping you to welcome new opportunities, make desired changes and helping you to live an exceptional life. This is the value and purpose of each session.

  • An interactive dialogue with Dipali is encouraged, as this opens the gateway towards greater revelations in main areas of interest. She assists the individual through the Inquiry process, shedding light where there is confusion, pointing towards truth of what is authentic and eternal. Dipali's teachings and consultations impose no belief systems and are dogma free. They are practical in nature, expanding love consciousness, and open the gateway to Enlightenment and beyond.

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