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Astrological Trends Overview for November 2017

"Magical Horizons"
 by Dipali Desai

The month of November 2017 ushers in a feeling of hope, compassion and the mystical, magical Spiritual awareness of how interconnected everything and everyone is. Through a strong feeling sense, those who are in tune and ready to listen to the inner guidance will take action even if things are not fully defined or make logical sense. Neptune in Pisces shifts into Direct motion on November 22nd which symbolizes listening and tuning into the Spiritual guidance, expression of greater love and compassion as well as feeling at peace as the blueprint of your life unfolds. We may feel dreamy, spacey or a feeling of spaciousness as well as want to be immersed in all that is inspirational. What a perfect energy as we are mid-way into the Holiday Season.

Nov. 5th – Mercury enters the adventurous sign of Sagittarius. (remains in this sign until January 10th, 2018 due to the upcoming retrograde phase). Mercury's transit through Sagittarius symbolizes communication that is visionary, sharing of knowledge and wisdom as well as the quest for greater meaning. There may be an urge to take new courses or increase higher education in some way. Impart and share experiences which motivate rather than standing on a soapbox preaching. Mercury will remain in Sagittarius extra long due to the upcoming retrograde phase. Make sure you complete important paper work and at least initiate communications now before the prep phase begins by November 14th. The actual Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius begins December 3rd, 2017

Nov. 7th – Venus enters Scorpio (until December 1st,2017) This symbolizes relating with one another has an emotional intensity that supports experiencing Spiritual depth and meaning in relationships of all kinds. It is an all or nothing approach around the topics of relationships, love, affection, money/finances, self worth and values as well as creative expression. Venus in Scorpio desires truth and empowerment at its potential in any given relationship. So let the foundation be set with these qualities. It is possible for unresolved emotional issues around trust, power, jealousy, grief and control to emerge now. Feelings may be very black or white with no shades of gray. Allow forgiveness and love to heal the wounds and help us to rise above the past emotional pain, power struggles and manipulations.

Nov. 11th – Saturn in Sagittarius 'trine' Uranus in Aries 25 degrees. This suggests the potential for ease in creating innovative structures which also promote creative freedom. New and unusual or out of the blue connections with people or opportunities arise with little effort. Take bold steps to express individuality which may lead to more independence and excitement.

Nov. 13th – Venus 'conjunct' Jupiter in Scorpio. This symbolism suggests an enormous magnetic energy that draws in (and is to be expressed outwards) love, romance, money, opportunities and social interactions. A feeling of all or nothing flows in like a huge wave, prompting one to be adventurous. Desire to merge and deeply connect with a loved one or someone you are interested in is strong. Powerfully strong creative energy which needs to be poured into a earthy outlet. Pay attention to manipulation, with holding information, love or affection unhealthy pattern.

Also happening today – Mercury in Sagittarius 'square' Neptune in Pisces. This symbolism suggests not the best day to make long-term agreements or promises as either there can be a misunderstanding in reading the fine print or something is not what it appears to be. Do not promise what you are unable to deliver as exaggeration tendency may be strong. Watch for any perceptions which join one to guilt, illusions, fantasy or making something bigger than what it really is. A real opportunity from the Divine does not come with flashy lights, bells and whistles. Take time to really sit with the communication or information before making a decision in a few days.

Nov. 16th – Venus in Scorpio 'trine' Neptune in Pisces retrograde suggests a magical inspirational feeling to the day. Relating with others has an ease and grace about it. There may be a romantic Soul-level relationship with another that helps you transform an issue from the past. Follow inner guidance as to how to use the creative flow and how to raise the energy in a relationship to the Soul-level. It is easier today to forgive, heal and surrender the past with peace through the heart not just the mind. Compassion, empathy and our ability to extract intuitive guidance is stronger today. Great energy for artists, writers, healers and photographers.

Nov. 18th – New Moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees. The potential of this New Moon in Scorpio is deepening emotional intimacy and trust. There is an intensity building to take action and move from what feeling inhibiting towards that which brings lasting empowerment and harmony within relationships. Great energy towards digging deep and becoming comfortable with vulnerability and being more open with others. Follow the feeling and the wisdom of inner guidance.    -- [Read the entire article on Dipali's Celestial Space Astrology Blog when it is posted.]

Nov. 19th – Mars in Libra 'square' Pluto in Capricorn at 17 degrees. This symbolism suggests the potential for deep inner transformation of self-imposed fears and limitations. There may be power issues arising, or powerful friction due to clash of egos and control issues in relationships with others. There is a highly creative energy that can be consciously used to produce harmonious results based in integrity. Best to choose your battles carefully and not be headstrong to join with any power struggle. Possible exposure of co-dependence, manipulation, trust issue. Use the intensity to help you rise above the duality (right/wrong) into a higher solution which creates win/win results.

Nov. 21st – Sun enters Sagittarius. This suggests the solar light of the Sun attunes each to Nature and the adventure that awaits us. There is a strong urge to explore, expand and learn about new knowledge, philosophies as well as other cultures. The passion to be on a quest for the meaning of life may feel ignited.

Nov. 22nd – Neptune in Pisces shifts into Direct motion at 11 degrees. Neptune symbolizes Spirituality, mystical, compassion, imagination as well as delusion and escapism. Neptune in Pisces moving direct symbolizes the energy is more outward and expressive so there may be a urge to want to engage in activities or Spiritual practices which allow for fluid approach, inspiration, Spiritually nourishing and healing. Great time to start meditation or Spiritual practice.

Nov. 25th – Mercury in Sagittarius 'trine' Uranus in Aries retrograde at 25 degrees. This suggests to expect the unexpected and allow for spontaneous conversations which evoke excitement and stimulation of stepping outside the norm. There may be sudden change of plans or unusual opportunities that are presented which bring great joy and ignite passion. Remain flexible and adapt to last minute shifts. There could be unique ideas that pop in so keep that journal or notebook handy. This is the day to brainstorm with those of like mind or similar vibe. New relationships may activate new horizons or help us expand our base of connection to the community. The mind or mental energy is seeking to attune to all that is meaningful and symbolic.

Nov. 27th – Mercury 'conjunct' Saturn in Sagittarius 27 degrees. This suggests the potential to take the idea, perception and or vision and apply it into daily life with patience and integrity. Great energy to concentrate, have in-depth conversations relating to deeper purpose to things or life. Mercury/Saturn helps to bring an expansive focus towards materializing a project. Use words which promote integrity and it may feel easier to make longer lasting commitments which are more solid.

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