Various Meditation Classes given through out the Month

"Finding the Stillness Within" Meditation with Dipali

Restore Balance and Harmony from the inside out. Meditation Class in South Jersey.

How can Meditation Help You?

Meditation is a ancient therapeutic practice. Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a effective, safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Meditation been practiced for thousands of years all over the world and has great value. More and more doctors, therapists and practitioners promote the benefits of meditation to cure many stress-related illnesses. Meditation is no longer done on a mountaintop chanting OM, we can choose to incorporate it into modern life in fresh and exciting ways.

  • Loosen the grip of stress
  • Increase the body's natural capacity to heal and store balance
  • Quiet down the mind's endless chatter
  • Increase your creativity, clarity of mind and peacefulness
  • Helps with sleep

Join us on the first Tuesday and the Third Tuesday of each month, as Dipali's guides the group into a longer and deeper guided meditation to relax, restore and renew. She guides you on a Meditation journey.  As we gather together, everyone benefits from higher healing energies which supports our overall spiritual growth and wellbeing on many levels. Come with an open mind and heart and receive nurturing, guidance and support.

You must have attended at least One Introduction to Meditation or Initial Private Instruction in Meditation class to attend this (speak to Dipali to see if you are able to attend.)


Bring fresh yoga socks or socks as the meeting room is a shoes-free zone (shoes are to be taken off in the lobby) You  may sit on a chair which is provided, on the floor on a yoga mat (if there is room), your own pillow, foam roller or highly recommended bring a backjack chair to sit on the floor comfortably

  • Class size: 6
  • Minimum: 4 for the class not to be cancelled // Maximum Number in Attendance: 6
  • Advance Payment: serves as registration.
  • Pre-Requisite: None. Helpful to have interest in Spiritual Growth, Self-Discovery, Holistic Healing, Empowerment, Self-Realization/Enlightenment, Energy Work, Metaphysics, Ascension  ----*You must be over 18 years of age to attend.

Question about the class or registering? Contact us

Other Options:

I. NEW to Meditation? Start with the Introduction to Meditation Class(es). If you are very new or have had minimal experience in meditation then begin with attending the basic class. [more iinformation]

II. Private Instruction in Meditation: If you prefer have one to one private instruction on meditation to suit your individual needs and lifestyle:  [more information]

About Dipali Desai: 
She is an internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Astrologer, Soul Psychologist, Healer and Author. As a Spiritual teacher and facilitator, she empowers individuals to realize their higher potentials, talents and connect with their sacred life purpose. Dipali is a channel for Enlightenment Transmission/Spiritual Energy. With her capacity as a clear channel,she has the ability to convey intuitive information with tact and directness.Her compassion, humor and wisdom help you find the awareness you are searching for.


  • November 7th
  • December 5th
  • January 2nd, 2018
  • February 6th

Evening Time: 
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm EST

$25.00  *Non-Refundable

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Submit Payment Here:  last day to register 3 days beforehand.

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 All payments must arrive no later than 5 days before the Event/Class to reserve your space.

1.) Send by regular mail: send in the payment using regular mail Email Dipali for the Office Address

2.) Drop off Payment At Dipali's Office: in a clean sealed Envelope

  • Drop off the payment through Dipali's Office Mail slot.

On the front of the Envelope Write (please print clearly)
  • To: Dipali Desai - Suite N-72
  • From: Write Your First and Last Name
  • Date and Title of Class

Inside the Sealed Envelope
  • Include your Contact Phone number
  • Place the exact amount for the Class you are attending
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