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Gifts that are meaningful and uplift your being.

Gift Certifcates are great for any occasion; Birthday, Anniversary, Life transition, Job change, Lifestyle change, Marriage and Business 

Gift Certificates:

A unquie and thoughtful gift to share with someone. Gift Certificate allows the person to select which Consultation or Session that would most benefit them and that they would enjoy with Dipali.

FAQ's on Gift Certificate(s)

  • Gift certificates are non-refundable.

  •  Yes there an expiration date on Gift Certificate(s). The Gift Certificate(s) must be redeemed within 3 MONTHS after purchase date purchase date is written on the gift certificate.
  • There is a PDF format that can be sent to your Email Address and you can print out and give.
  • Is there a Paper Version of Gift Certificate? YES. Upon Request only, Dipali can mail you a paper copy of a Gift Certificate. You need to send your mailing address ( this is applicable within United States only). You can fill out the "TO and "FROM" Field in this case.

Easy Steps to Purchase:

» 1. Send your Request by E-mail: using the contact page information or Contact Form.

» 2.) Amount you wish to purchase
{example: $70.00, $100.00, $140.00, $200.00 USD up to the amount desired}

» 3.) Person's First and Last name, contact details (phone number or email address) that you are buying this Gift for.

» 4.) Designate whether you want us to automatically notify the recipient via E-mail about your gift or if you would prefer to present the gift certificate information yourself. In that case, your mailing address is necessary and/or their E-mail address.

» Once your e-mail request and information is received, you will be directed to go to next step in payment process.

» 5.) After an agreement and confirmation for all the details happens, you will be sent a PayPal Invoice for the exact amount agreed upon for the Purchase of Gift Certificate(s).

» 6. Make Payment and soon as we recieve "payment notification" we will send you an e-mail confirmation and your recipient will receive their gift with instructions on scheduling an appointment.