Have you ever wanted to learn how to relax? To feel more at ease inside the body? Or to find inner peace? Are you hesitant or feel uncomfortable learning meditation in group setting? Then you may want to consider scheduling a private meditation class where you receive personalized attention specific for your needs regarding meditation and setting up a simple practice to reduce stress and anxiety as well as making a conscious connection to your true nature.

Meditation is a way to restore the inner balance in the midst of change and transformation. We will explore your true nature which is peace itself. Many studies and research shows, a regular meditation practice offers numerous health benefits. It has been used for a thousand years and has the support of doctors and health-care practitioners. A natural drug-free way to return to inner peace and acceptance of Life as it unfolds. Embrace the joy that is you.

As you practice meditation regularly, you return to your natural state of peacefulness, awareness and relaxation that can benefit all aspects of your health and life. As the physical body rests deep in meditation, the rest of you is awake and aware. Thus a sense of restful awareness where there is relaxation in the body and a still alert mind. Practicing meditation regularly increases awareness of the present moment, reduces stress, promotes deep sleep, helps you access more creativity and enhances both personal and spiritual growth.

The major benefit of private meditation class(es) with Dipali is that she has much more time and can offer personalized attention on the individual’s particular issues in relation to their energy configuration. Then she is able to offer tailored guidance as to helping the person create a meditation practice that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

Simplicity is essential to really enjoy Meditation and not engage the mind or place unnecessary pressure in doing the technique “right.” This often distracts the person and creates more anxiety than relaxation. Dipali will guide you towards making this practice easy, simple and full of joy.

Suggestion: It is helpful to be open to self-discovery, Spiritual growth, empowerment and healing.

*All information shared within the meditation class remains confidential.  Private Instruction in Meditation class is not a substitute for  Personal Consultation or Guidance session or Medical care.

Initial Class - Private Instruction in Meditation:

This class is 1 hour and 15 minutes  long session. She will begin with a talk to set the foundation of the practice. There will be a few practical suggestions to help adjust lifestyle habits as well as what will be most supportive to integrate your new meditation practice into daily life. Dipali will answer any questions you may have regarding meditation or creating your practice. Then, she will guide you through a light, easy and short meditation as a way of warming up and directly experiencing meditation.

Follow Up Class -  Private Instruction in Meditation:

is approximately 1 hour in length. Each class may be set with the Intention around a single theme, such as peace, health, self-love. letting go of grief, expanding emotional awareness,  etc

A minimum of 3 Private classes will assist you in creating a new foundation this new habit and practice. It may vary per individual while some may need more than the amount suggested or you may practice on your own after the suggested amount and then book a Private class when needed as a way to stay on course. You and Dipali can review this at the time of the Class

Private Class Information:

Location of the Session:

Private Instruction in Meditation offered at:

  • Dipali's Cherry Hill Office
  • Internet/SKYPE (audio only)
  • By Telephone

All long distance appointments:
must send payment in advance to reserve the appointment space

Questions? Contact Dipali


  • Initial Class: $90.00 USD (per hour)

  • Each Follow Up Class:
    Private Instruction for Meditation: $75.00 USD (per hour)

A quick way to schedule is to use Dipali's Online Booking System to Schedule an Appointment

24 Hour Cancellation Required for all Sessions, Classes and Consultations read the policy