Problems with using the Booking System? Contact Us
If you are having problems using this Online Booking Form/System and or making payment, then directly email or call Dipali to schedule your appointment. She can send a Payment Invoice to your email address. is the Online Billing Company that is used with the Online Booking System. Paying by credit card? Either use the Online booking system or request a Paypal Payment Invoice to be sent to your email address.


ALL  Appointments made using this Online Booking System are REQUIRED to send advance payment as this reserves your appointment space Read the Policy.  

1.) Select the CALENDAR

   ~ Online/Internet and By Telephone Appointments: (Long Distance) Calendar

   ~ Appointments at Dipali's Cherry Hill Office  Calendar
  • If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, then you must use this Online Booking System or request a Paypal payment invoice to be sent to you.

  • If you prefer to pay by cash or money order at Dipali's Cherry Hill Office then contact her to schedule your appointment by phone or email rather than using this Online Booking System.

2.) Select Type of Appointment:  Go through each step and fill out the form. Click the  "Pay Now" Button.  After the form and payment are submitted: once transactions are cleared, (virtually instantaneously) and we are notified by Paypal notification, then we may proceed. This option allows the client to setup any additional appointments/services without delay.

3.) Auto- Email Notice:  Once the form is completed and you have clicked the button "Pay Now Button" correctly, you will automatically receive an Email from the Online Booking System. Emails are designed to be automatically sent out to the Client when an appointment is scheduled, canceled, or rescheduled." Consider this a tentative confirmation.

4.) Dipali must Confirm: As the final step, Dipali will either email you or call you to confirm your appointment after checking with her Schedule and after receiving Payment Notification if applicable. 

  •  NOTE -- If you have not received any type of reply from Dipali regarding the appointment, then consider the appointment not yet scheduled. 

5.) Reminder of Upcoming Appointment: The Online Booking System will send the Client - an automatic "Reminder Email" of the upcoming appointment.

Please contact us if you have not received a confirmation reply within 24-48 hours of requesting or using the online booking system to schedule your appointment.

-- Thank you for your cooperation.

Schedule your appointment  below using Dipali's Online Booking System

Dipali is on Eastern Standard Timezone = (EST) as is this Online Booking System Calendar. Please schedule the appointment using Dipali's time zone EST -  so we avoid confusion. You can check and Convert to your local time using the ~ World Clock


How do accounts for clients work using Dipali's Online Booking System? 
Clients can register for a (free) account after scheduling an appointment. When returning to Dipali's online scheduling page (this one), the client can log in to their account, this will show them all future and past appointments they've scheduled, along with remembering information into forms they've filled out before when scheduling a new appointment.

Lost your password for your account for Dipali's Online Booking System? Click here to get a new password sent to your email account.