PRESENCE - Spiritual Intuitive Guidance A monthly in-depth Mentoring and Lifestyle Guidance Package. Guidance that is potent, high quality and tailored to your unique needs.

Authentic :: Efficient :: Effective

After a Class, One to One Session or Astrological Consultation/Reading, many people choose to work with Dipali as their Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Mentor on a regular basis through this service. Dipali takes only a maximum of handful of "PRESENCE" Mentoring Clients. This ensures highest quality exchanges.

"Presence" Monthly guidance is designed to help you get move out of being stagnate, free from old pain, and offer clarity to be an active participant in your life and situation. Being in a repeated loop of loss, confusion and limitation creates a sense of powerlessness and knocks you out of alignment within yourself and potential.

"Presence" Monthly Guidance is also a valuable opportunity to receive ongoing support for awakening out of the ego and mind and living more from Essence or Soul-level life. In these sessions, Dipali will help guide you to understand yourself and whatever conditioning interferes with being love, awakening to your true nature, and living the life you were meant to live filled with meaning and purpose. 

She will help you inquire, investigate and assist you to gracefully move through any (limiting) beliefs and misunderstandings that may be the cause of your suffering. Each Session within the monthly package provides the space where you bring issues or content that you wish to work on during a session to help you grow, heal and evolve.

Spiritual Energy/a transmission of Enlightenment and Love that is brought through for each session which helps to gently accelerate your Spiritual growth and healing. Dipali provides a space of non-judgment, compassion and loving guidance.

During a Session: A dialogue is encouraged, as this opens the gateway towards greater revelations in key areas of interest. You are invited to ask questions related to the nature of life, challenges and any personal issues in any area of your life and self – you may have. Information and Guidance is infused with practical wisdom and insight is given to empower you.

Dipali does not believe in wasting energy, time or resources. If you are serious about making real changes and progress then this type of session is for you. Do you desire effective results, then this type of session(s) is for you as the ongoing support will help you blossom into your potentials.

Review: As a way to check in and see where things are at, every 3 months, Dipali will evaluate the progress, get your feedback and see if it would be beneficial to continue or end the monthly guidance.

NOTE ----This guidance and the content is broader, Universal in nature and is always addressed within the context of your personal self-discovery, Spiritual evolution, healing and empowerment. YES! There is stunningly accurate intuitive guidance along the way and you will receive what you need. The ongoing sessions tends to help support you in between intuitive or astrological readings as well as help you to work more consciously with life developmental and  cycles and healing.

-Acknowledge your real or authentic self/Soul /Consciousness
- Discover your innate strengths, weaknesses and gifts
- Consciously navigate current cycles of opportunities, healing and challenge
- Deepen your awareness of current relationship processes
- Offers confirmation and direction during times of confusion or transition in life
- You will be held accountable so you can stay on track or Dipali will know just when to nudge you to take the next step.

- Clients are required to come to each session prepared with challenges and questions they wish to explore and want to discuss so we can use the time together efficiently.

The first step:

Is a 10 minute Complimentary Consultation with Dipali to determine if this Service is suitable for your needs and if Dipali's feels it is optimal for you. Email or Call Dipali to schedule 

"PRESENCE" Monthly Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring with Dipali

Cost Effective, Personalized potent guidance due to ongoing support and interaction per month. Your life in all areas will benefit and flouish. 

if you need extra session through the month, you may schedule and pay for it individually)

What is included per Month?

~ (One) 90 minute One to One Guidance Session - per month

~ (One) 30 minute One to One Guidance Session - per month

~ (One) 10 minute Quick Chat Check In: per month by phone or SKYPE audio only

~ (1) Send up to 1 Email Follow up to Dipali within the month (before the next month's session). She will reply via email.

~ Unlimited Access per Month - Featured Mini- Meditation: listen to and have unlimited access through the month (listen only option, not for download)

~ Choose Location of appointment(s):
by Phone (client calls Dipali's Office)  //  SKYPE Messenger (Audio only) // or if you live locally at Dipali’s Cherry Hill Office

{Normally: $470.00 USD}   

~> Your Investment:

$390.00 USD per month, per billing cycle

Payment Submitted:  via in USD,  Money Order, OR  pay by Cash if you live locally


-->NOTE: For ongoing access and uninterrupted service please keep your Paypal Account information up to date.

Dipali takes only a maximum of handful of "PRESENCE" Mentoring Clients. This ensures highest quality exchanges. Those individuals that drawn to this service are sincere about their growth, healing, evolution and empowerment. Book your session space quickly to be a part of this opportunity.

Your agreement, accountability and commitment: Your agreement to have "PRESENCE" Mentoring/Guidance Session(s) implies a commitment on your part to work on homework assignments during the time between sessions and showing up with a willingness to grow. You agree to be accountable to show up on time, sincerely do your work in between sessions.

Dipali maintains the right to terminate the Sessions at any time if she feels guided to. On rare occasions, it may be better to end the process due to a given situation or circumstance. Dipali will determine this based on the progress and inner guidance she receives.

Benefits and Value - 3 to 6 month Commitment:

While deeper insights can be gained in 1 or 2 sessions, a more meaningful growth requires at least 3 months minimum for consistency and incorporating new habits and skills. Though in each session, one has incredible potential for potent breakthroughs. Clients have had major breakthroughs in 1 session. The choice of how long to continue is up to you.

1.) Builds a more solid foundation for your growth to progress at a more accelerated pace.
2.) Laser beam like approach for rapid results
3.) Effective results, and more connection to Spiritual Energy
4.) It is best to schedule consecutive sessions than skipping a month.

Sessions are offered: in English language

Do I need to fill out a basic form? Yes

Do I need a FREE Paypal account to use Subscribe for the Monthly Spiritual Coaching? Yes. And the payment is in US Dollars

If I pay by Money Order, should I mail that in advance - before I schedule a session? Yes.

Are there any additional fee(s)? No, it is a Flat Fee and no hidden costs to this service. 

Do I need to register and pay in advance? Yes. This serves as you commitment to the process and reserves your appointment space.

What is the cancellation or rescheduling policy? You must give minimum of 48 hours for cancellation of appointment or rescheduling.

What if I miss a session or do not show up? No refunds given if you miss a session or do not show up for the Scheduled appointment, this holds you accountable and honors both Dipali's time and yours. You will have to pay for an additional Session to make up for the one you missed.

How far in advance does an Appointment for a Session need to be made? Appointment must be made minimum of 1 to 2 weeks in advance, available from Monday through Saturday. You are responsible to remember to schedule. It is not Dipali's responsibility to remind you.

What if I need an additional or extra session in between? You may schedule and pay for an additional session or more sessions outside of the single session provided within the Monthly Coaching if the need arises.

What if I do not use up the sessions within 1 month? Sessions expire. They do not accumulate. It is up to you to be consistent with scheduling and use up the sessions in a timely fashion.

If I need to cancel this service and or want to begin again at a later date? Cancel anytime and re-subscribe at any time

Is SKYPE Messenger free? Yes. Download it here.

What happens if my payment in any given month does not go through? will send you a notification via email and Dipali receives notice as well. If no attempt is made to rectify the problem (such as changing credit card details or bank information) within the allotted time, PayPal and the auto-mated system for the Monthly Subscription "suspends" your monthly  guidance sessions until the problem is solved and payment is made.


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1.) SUBSCRIBE to "PRESENCE" by sending Payment via
2.) CONFIRMATION. You will receive a confirmation Email 
3.) Send Dipali an EMAIL with your desired date/time for the 1st Session. Use EST Timezone (Eastern Standard Timezone) and include YOUR timezone in the email.

-->NOTE: For ongoing access and uninterrupted service please keep your Paypal Account information up to date.

Thank you!

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